Somatic Integration Bodywork Sessions can feel like a gentle reminder for your body + mind what integration, alignment and flow of energy feels like. 

  • Physically we'll work to¬†improve your body mechanics & functionality,¬†and support you in correcting postural imbalances causing tension, as well as experience being in your body.
  • Gentle rhythmic bodywork can support our tissues, muscle memory, fascial adhesions + lymphatic system.¬†Emotions are stored in our body.¬†Each of our lived experiences have been in the body we're in today. Many if not all of our physical holding patterns in our connective tissue can be related to our emotional body.
  • Your mind may find some space between thoughts, which can often spark insights, creativity, and perspective.¬†It is common to experience drifting in and out of a dream-like state, which can be deeply restorative for your brain, nervous system, and your body's ability to come into a healing state.¬†

Caroline Niederman

Maura Reminga is an amazing practitioner. I HIGHLY recommend her for anyone who has a chronic condition and is seeking the personal guidance and professional support to navigate life where you are now. I continue to be amazed on how Maura, given her breadth of training, can create a session based on what I bring to her that day. She is also incredibly intuitive so once you work together she will be able to connect and also feel what you may need. Her Reiki work has been transformative in gently opening and aligning my chakras after more than a dozen years of holding the stress and grief in my solar plexus.

My approach tends to be very intuitive, blending 20+ years of practice and study, a degree in psychology with an understanding of Yoga, Yamuna Body Rolling, Thai Bodywork, Acupressure, Reiki & Meditation as therapeutic modalities.

Training: Yoga Therapeutics, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Yamuna Body Rolling, Yamuna Foot Fitness & Yamuna for Core + Pelvic Floor, Prenatal Yoga, Thai Bodywork & Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master.

Somatic Integration Bodywork often incorporates Acupressure, Reiki, Structural Alignment with Traction, Thai Bodywork to support integrating your mind with your body. Each sessions is customized to address your energy levels and needs- whether known or unknown. Sometimes we may feel off or disconnected from our body, and not quite know what we need, and that's okay too! Sessions are supportive for your whole self.

Astrid Vigeland

After years of making promises to myself that I would take up yoga, I finally did 2 years ago. For various reasons, I decided that I would seek out someone who could provide private sessions so I could focus very specifically on exactly what I needed. I contacted a studio I knew little about and had the amazing good fortune to be introduced to Maura Reminga.

Maura eased me into a practice, assessing what I required on both a broad scale as well as recognizing my specific needs and continues to do so. On any given day she seems to have an innate ability to know exactly what needs to be addressed. Maura is patient, articulate and encouraging while also pushing me to meet my capabilities and her extensive knowledge of anatomy and holistic remedies work in synergy with her teaching.

It is my pleasure to recommend Maura - she has a true gift!

Mary Burt

“Thank you my private yoga today. I felt reborn when I left and committed to doing some of that at home. It was a healing and a learning. You have such a gift, not just as a yoga teacher but mostly knowing what is just the right thing to do for individuals or a group.”

Ingrid Avery

“Something I gained out of this session was when I realized after rolling the side body, I had a change in how my arms could reach under each other. This helped me realize my shoulders could experience real ease through body rolling. Moved to tears with gratitude.”

Mary McCann

“Maura, Thank you for the lovely evening yoga Nidra. I was very much in the wounded animal body just two weeks out of surgery. It was so good to be led by your warm and tender voice. I slept as well afterwards as I had prior to my injury. I wanted you to know how incredibly helpful and well timed this offering was.
With gratitude”