Life can have a way of taking a toll on our body.

Our emotions and history are stored in this one body that we have. Patterns of stress, tension & holding can accumulate in the body and mind. The good news is we don't have to accept chronic tension or discomfort as part of aging.


Hi there! I'm Maura & I'll help you address chronic tension and access integrated movement.

Often the body and whole self responds to gentle therapeutic support for structural alignment, emotional integration and nervous system processing.

My holistic trauma-informed approach combines Yamuna Body Rolling, Yamuna Foot Fitness, Yamuna Core + Pelvic Floor work, Thai Bodywork, Acupressure, Reiki and Tapping. A Somatic Integration session can feel like a reminder for whole structure to access ease as your nervous system settles, and you have the space to process, receive insights and awareness into patterns of holding. My intention is to support energy flow, alignment and hold space for you to drop inward, experience, and simply be. 

Therapeutic Movement sessions may incorporate Therapeutic Yoga, guided Yamuna Body Rolling, Isolated Strength work, Therapeutic Joint Mobility and Assisted stretching.


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Experience guided thoughtfully sequenced Yamuna Body Rolling, Therapeutic Yoga, Core Strengthening & Meditation to support you in releasing tension & feeling more integrated.

"Personal sessions with Maura on foot fitness have quite literally changed the way I walk. Maura explained how foot strength and balance can affect both posture and overall health, and provided exercised that I could easily integrate into my daily routine. I now move space with a stronger intention and ease of motion. Thank you!"

Hanna Sanders, Esq.

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Experience Guided Therapeutic Practices that somehow always feel "Just Right." Move with less aches & discomfort. Feel stronger & more connected in your core to support functional movement in your day to day.

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"Maura, I really enjoyed your Body Rolling class this morning. I appreciate the pace and instruction you provide in your classes, and I learn something new each time, so thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise."

Mary Ann Kwiatkowski

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